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Each session has one-on-one instruction by Southwest Therapy Specialists' caring, licensed Physical Therapy team.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) is a form of health care that identifies, corrects, and alleviates an acute or prolonged musculoskeletal or neurological dysfunction. Our Physical Therapists have either a Master's or Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy and are licensed in Arizona to practice.

The Plan of Care for each patient may address a series of posture,

stretching, strengthening, and aerobic home program. The therapist may

touch, provide Hands-On treatment and mobilize the restrictive tissue

(shown in the above picture)  through myofascial and soft tissue manual

techniques. Pain, swelling, stiffness, muscle weakness, low energy levels,

poor posture, or overall needing to get back to the activities of life, let’s do

this together! Call (602) 249-9129 to schedule your first appointment.

Falls Risk Screening - Our team is ready to help:

Fearful of falling? Feel helpless? Social isolation causing you to loose your strength and balance? Seeing the physical decline? Talk with your doctor asap for a referral to Southwest Therapy Specialists and have the physician fax the order to (602) 249-4115.

If you score more than 4 on the self-assessment below you may be at high risk and our professional therapists are here to help. We strive to help build the strength and balance reconnection with the brain to help reduce your risk for falls. Even Bob Eubanks is promoting balance and reconnecting the brain for falls prevention.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every second an older adult suffers a fall in the U.S. Women fall more often than men. 1 out of every 5 falls result in serious injuries including broken bones or head injuries. 3/4 of all hip fractures are caused by falling - usually sideways. Falls account for 8% of all work-related trauma injuries leading to death. When the fall occurred, most of the injured were wearing sandals, slippery soles or flipflops rather than athletic shoes with rubber soles. But there are other risks...

Dehydrated? Aging circulations issues? Parkinson's Disease? BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) problems? Medication for heart conditions impacting your risk for falling? Poor lighting? Rugs or spills that cause a slip and fall?

We will teach you the three times a week routine needed and it is not just walking more. Strength training, balance training, sensory reeducation, and overall physical mobility will help you regain safety and self-efficiency.

 Check your Risk For Falling below. 4 or us!      

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Update October 1, 2020: ESSENTIAL SERVICE

We remain open. We welcome existing and new patients as an essential medical service. Southwest Therapy Specialists is here to serve our community utilizing workplace precautions as advised under the Centers for Disease Control. Wear your mask. Your temperature will be taken before you enter the clinic and everyone hand washes before care and as often as needed.


An assessment of a patient's condition that is based on history, objective measurements, and specific testing that is used to establish rehabilitation goals and to develop a treatment plan. An Initial Evaluation is required by our license to be initiated on the first visit, and re-evaluations are carried out as required by either the days specified by the insurance carrier, the follow-up visit with the referring physician/PA-C/FNP, and/or every 30 days in order to further the rehabilitation goals and customized treatment plan.



Hot Packs

Cold Packs

Mechanical Traction - Using specific amounts of pulling force to stretch tissues of the spine and increase the amount of space between vertebrae.

Electrical Stimulation - Safe electrical impulses that create a tingling sensation to stimulate muscle contraction, reduce swelling, reduce areas of muscle tightness and relieve pain.



Therapeutic Exercise - Specific exercises taught to increase flexibility, strength and endurance.

Neuromuscular Re-education - Using principles from nerve and muscle physiology to improve function by improving muscle coordination through specific types of exercises.

Iontophoresis - Using electrical impulses to introduce anti-inflammatory medication through the skin into an inflamed area.

Manual Traction - Therapist uses his/her hands or a hand held towel or belt to apply specific amounts of force for stretching soft tissues (such as: skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendon, ligaments).

Massage - Therapist using his/her hands for soft tissue stretching, increasing circulation to the soft tissue and relieving pain.

Soft Tissue Manual / Joint Mobilization - Very specific stretching techniques to various levels of soft tissue and to all joints in the body.

Ultrasound - High frequency sound waves at various intensities for heating deep tissues down to the joint level, increasing circulation and relieving pain.

Phonophoresis - Ultrasound in combination with anti-inflammatory medication on the skin to penetrate medication through the skin.


We are here to help each person we work with to better understand their diagnoses, the treatment we provide, any precautions, and the customized home program to carry over treatment. This may include instruction in self-care and body mechanics for home and work, strength-training, weight control and management, posture, and personal fitness. Our goals include minimizing the reoccurrence of the problems based on individual lifestyle.

Often, we are told by our patients that Southwest Therapy Specialists' teaches more in the first few visits how to effectively manage their needs then the same person has ever received from competitor PT clinics or "For Life" treatment walk-in strip-mall shops.

For further information, please call us! (602) 249-9129 or have your physician fax over a prescription for services to FAX (602) 249-4115 and let's get started. Our Patient Care Coordinators and/or licensed therapists are able to answer your questions about our services.

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