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Accepting new and returning patients.

Southwest Therapy Specialists, PC is here to help you. Give us a call at (602) 249-9129, and we will personally answer any of your concerns.

A physician's prescription for therapy is required if we are to help bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy to you. FAX the order to (602) 249-4115.

As Arizona is a direct access state for our PT and OT licenses we are able to see you for any service without the prescription of a physician, on a cash-only basis.

Our Patient Care Coordinators are available to answer questions about billing, authorization, paperwork issues, doctor referrals, or prescriptions to get you started with your care. Our licensed physical and occupational therapists are also available to answer any clinical questions about your evaluation and treatment, whether for manual orthopedic physical therapy, Certified Hand Therapy, fitness training, strength training, vestibular rehabilitation, prevention of falls, pain management, weight loss or aquatic therapy. 

How can we help you? Take action. Call us. (602) 249-9129

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Southwest Therapy Specialists, P.C.
7540 N. 19th Ave.
Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 249-4115
(602) 249-9129

Our Patient Care Coordinators, Licensed Therapist and/or Director will respond within 24 hours of your inquiry.