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About Us

     Our therapists are comprised of Arizona licensed professionals with extensive knowledge and training in anatomy, physiology, and the biomechanics of the body. We know how to help you reduce pain and get back in action. We use a high touch, hands-on approach in conjunction with specific modalities as needed. We support the physician's approach and overall management of your needs. Expect to receive education on performing home exercises and using healthy movement in your daily life. Here there is no "cookie cutter approach" as every person receives individualized personal care.

     Our unique Aquatic Therapy and traditional, land-based therapy help unload and load the body. Southwest Therapy Specialists' Certified Hand Therapy exceeds expectations.   Our team has achieved National board certifications and commits to continuing education to ensure the "gold standard" of compassionate care is achieved for every person we serve.

Our Team is Here to Serve You!

Susan Stockdell, OTR/L, CHT is an Occupational Therapist, Registered Nationally, Licensed in Arizona, Certified Hand Therapist, Health Ergonomist, specializing in Hand Therapy. Susan is also specialized as an Aquatic Therapist.

James Kostrewa, MS, PT is a manual orthopedic Physical Therapist, Licensed in Arizona, specializing in myofascial soft tissue mobilization, balance and prevention of falls training, personal fitness and strength training, and all things orthopedic. Jim is passionate in teaching to ensure the patient understands the techniques.

Kristen Rosenberg, DPT, PT is an Aquatic Physical Therapist specializing in orthopedic Physical Therapy, Licensed in Arizona. Kristen excels in incorporating every possible use of our pool to strengthen the core, provide stability with balance and gait and to decrease pain while exercising unloaded in the water.

Company History

Demanding excellence, exceeding demand.

Susan Stockdell, OTR/L, CHT founded this company based upon the principles of providing a difference in the community and profession while building a preference in healthcare.  Originally founded in 1984, the practice has undergone a continual quality assurance and needs assessment, which has allowed the company to meet the customers' needs.  The evolution of mixing the acute care rehabilitation of all patient populations with the needs of the industrial community has been a trademark.

Originally established in Scottsdale and in Chandler, AZ, the practice focused on excellence in the upper extremity with Hand Therapy provided to the orthopedic surgeons, hand surgeons, internal medicine, pain management specialists, family practice physicians and rheumatologists.  Known as Arizona Rehabilitation Specialists initially, the practice name was changed to Arizona Hand Therapy Specialists to more accurately reflect the distinct specialization and the first office was opened in Mesa, AZ.  As additional hand therapists joined the practice, locations were relocated in Scottsdale to larger facilities, and were opened in east Mesa, AZ.  The east Mesa office rapidly outgrew its shared facilities and opened into larger clinical space.  The Mesa original clinic relocated also and the additional practice division was added in 1990:  Arizona Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists (AIRS) with specialization in industrial rehabilitation, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), work conditioning/hardening, ergonomic services, job analysis, and industrial consultation in areas of injury prevention.  When orthopedic Physical Therapy specialization services were added the privately owned and operated practice offered treatment to the whole person.

In 1993, Susan Stockdell, OTR/L, CHT a licensed Occupational Therapist, registered nationally, Certified Hand Therapist, was honored as a Finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year award sponsored by Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch, Southwest Airlines, and Inc. Magazine.

Arizona Therapy Specialists, PC - Certified Hand Therapists, Orthopedic Physical Therapists, Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists caused the names to merge into one professional corporation.  The team was well recognized as leaders in Arizona, nationally known for excellence and vision as lecturers and consultants.

Leading the way... yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Excellent quality, affordable care, with the caring touch has been a hallmark throughout the years. The name of our company evolved, and in March 1998 the name of Southwest Therapy Specialists was adopted.  Under the administration of Ms. Stockdell, consistent, caring, dynamic delivery makes the art and science of medicine and health ergonomics take on a whole new meaning. Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Certified Hand Therapy, industrial rehabilitation specialists, and Aquatic Therapy are specializations of which our team is comprised.

Quality Assurance:

The services our team provides is given prospective, concurrent and retrospective reviews of appropriateness of referrals, cost savings, expected level of therapy use and discharge outcome data. Treatment effectiveness is continuously tracked and treatment modified as required. The quality assurance measures of the Director require on-site quarterly or more frequent reviews of randomly pulled charts which are critiqued using: Medicare Guidelines, analysis of the frequency, duration, times, goals, functional outcomes, and aggressive treatment protocols that are jointly developed and approved by therapists and medical groups. Both objective data (outcomes and cost management) and subjective data (patient satisfaction and physician surveys) are used to measure success.

Workers' Compensation Experience:
Work Conditioning, Essential Job Duties, Health Ergonomics

Industrial/Worker's Compensation clients:  Our staff is capable of coordination of our services with the employer representative, occupational health services, safety department, industrial hygenists, physician, insurance representative, and any other key team member identified.  All rehabilitative and preventive services are coordinated with the physician, patient, therapist, workplace and insurance representative. We have worked with case management of claimants in workers' compensation since 1981. Our successful interfacing with the physician and insurance representative improves early return to work and full-function activity. We produce a monthly outcome report to assist physicians, therapists and claim adjusters in the management of patients' progress.  A positive relationship with multiple insurance companies and third party administrators with a reputation they trust.

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We are RANKED in the Nation's top 3% for outcomes by FOTO, READ MORE here!


Making a difference in healthcare around the nation.

Nationwide: Susan Stockdell has long-standing relationships with numerous equally high caliber therapists across the United States who chose to excel in effective injury prevention programs.  Southwest Therapy Specialists can potentially link and coordinate local care in the same areas through on-site consultation. Southwest Therapy Specialists is selected as a member of PTPN and of Preferred Therapy Providers as a private therapist-owned and operated business of excellence.

Arizona:   Since 1981, Susan also has a high reputation with Arizona's major clinics and a large number of physicians. Her knowledge with the therapeutic and health ergonomic needs of the employer, injured worker, medical team, utilization management, and quality assurance has resulted in a continuum of care, case closure, and customer satisfaction.  She has chosen a team of therapists and personnel dedicated to excellence of care with specialized expertise.  

Treatment Protocols:

Southwest Therapy Specialists has developed and continues to develop protocols with ICD-10 codes, expected number of acute therapy visits, and functional outcomes to successfully rehabilitate the patient based on the diagnosis and level of risk factors.

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