Southwest Therapy Specialists, P.C.

Customer Testimonials

From personal notes to Patient Satisfaction Surveys to phone calls, we value the feedback. The courtesy of letting our team know of any concerns so we can immediately help is appreciated. The highest testimonial is informing the physician of appreciation of being referred to SWTS.

"My wife said she could see my belly button now for the first time in too many years! I laughed so hard...this therapy and the work we've done has made me see that I can tone up again. I thought that was a lost cause. Now I'm convinced. My back pain is still nagging but I am stronger overall." August 22, 2022 R.S.Veteran patient

"About a year ago, I developed a very painful case of lateral epicondylitis, aka tennis elbow. I was referred to Southwest Therapy Specialists by my doctor at the CORE Institute. Having never had physical therapy before, I didn't know what to expect. From the moment, I arrived at Southwest Therapy Specialists last fall, I felt like I was in good hands. Susan took the time to do a thorough examination of my arm, develop a course of therapy, and explain everything in terms I could relate to. I'm an engineer and a car enthusiast, which Susan quickly learned, and from then on, her explanations of what was happening with me was explained with proper analogies to things I could understand. As she explained to me early in my treatment, I had a bad case of tennis elbow which would probably take 6-8 months of treatment to mitigate. I faithfully did my treatment exercises prescribed by Susan and sure enough, in 4-5 months, I started to feel relief. After I got to a certain point of healing, she moved me over to Jim who worked with me on physical therapy to get my muscle strength after many months of not using my arm. Like Susan, Jim took the time to work with me and explain what his exercises and procedures were doing to me. I cannot recognize Susan and her team enough - they are kind, competent, and get results! From Ann in the front office, to Lindsay, Maya, and Emily who assist Susan and Jim, as well as Susan and Jim - a top notch crew!! Thank you! Highly recommended! Todd Z." August 25, 2021

"Getting my back together... Steven Piper" August 16, 2021

"Both my husband and I can only sing the praises for this practice. The knowledge of these therapists and caring approach of the staff is outstanding. The office manager has such a caring heart and the entire team welcomes us every treatment with that same extended family-feel for us. The attentiveness to our needs is not seen elsewhere these days. Don't let the fear of getting back out and going to a therapy practice hold you back. We are so glad we are coming. S.J." August 12, 2021

"VA doctor referred me here for 15 visits. Community Care only authorized 6 visits for Aquatic Therapy so pursued with earnest! Did own advocacy. Do not take a decrease in VA benefits as this is no needed and the best therapy. Period. Did get the CC authorization to heave total of 15 authorized. Pays to be persistent and I am so glad to be here again. Told VA doc he did the best for me sending me for Aquatics. A.S." July 23, 2021

"The workers are professional, and they all are understanding of situations. all know what they are doing and I look forward to coming in and seeing the workers. All the workers are people persons and are very kind. And if I wasn't coming in for treatment I would want to be their friends. Going to miss them, (being discharged as I met my goals!)  they are like family. Sharon S." July 19, 2021

"This Aquatic Therapy is a very good thing. I had kinda given up on things. Life you know. Veterans would understand. But you have helped me get in a better place. I've lost 39 lbs (was 337) since started here in 10 visits. Diet of course is helping but the exercise I can do here is a big part of that! I am amazed. Friends notice I have a lot more giddy-up-and-go. I feel better. I haven't been able to get up off an air mattress on the ground in a tent camping, and I did it last week! Repeatedly! I flew on a plane and did not have to ask the flight attendant for a seatbelt extension. Went tubing in a river. Fell on a slippery bunch of bowling ball size river rocks, on my butt, and I got up, kind of shocked I didn't break any bones-but more importantly my son and my friends ran over and didn't have to help me. They were impressed. Now the VA Doc and I want me to do more here in the pool with you. I will have to fight the VA. They're trying to restrict our benefits that we had a couple years ago and I can't be held down by them. I've just started. Your place is absolutely astonishing to me. James Stoner, Veteran" July 15, 2021

"This is a wonderful and beautiful place. My wife enjoys it and is getting the help she needs from you guys. You all do so well taking care of your patients. You guys do beautiful work and we appreciate it." (spouse of patient) July 8, 2021

"Fantastic physical therapy! So knowledgeable and

"Dear Susan and Staff, Your were so kind to send me cards. Life's a lot brighter and happier, too. Thoughtful people like you, I pray for you. Keep doing what you do - your practice is the absolute highest and I give thanks. L.R." June 29, 2021

"I feel like im doing the best thing for my body since 40 years. Pool therapy is the answer. James Stoner" My 26, 2021

"Dear Susan, Thank you for the wonderful aquatic therapy and all of your encouragement. I may need therapy again in the future and know where I will come for the best therapy facility ever!! You have a fabulous professional team and I was blessed to have the expertise and care of your facility. Sincerely, J.R." April 2021

"5 estrellas Yo recomiendo a personas que vengan aqui. Se van a recuperar. La senora Susan es muy linda y muy profesional, explica todo con detalle y se ve que le gusta su profesion. Janet Viera Vega." April 15, 2021

"Susan, Thank you for being an amazing boss, teacher and friend this past year. Lindsay" (former Therapy Tech) March 24, 2021

"Thank you for much. This treatment was a very pleasant surprise and very much appreciated. Sincerely, N.R." February 15, 2021

Received in mail, April 16, 2020: "Susan, I am very late with this letter. Despite the stay at home situation, it has been surprisingly busy.

As you are obviously aware I stopped coming in to therapy...I needed to severely limit my outside exposure for now with the Corona Virus pandemic.

What I do want to say is thank you for all the work and education to help heal my hands. It has been a lot of pain and frankly emotional trauma to suffer what has happened and your work has been salvation and hope to recover and cope with the issues. Not a life threatening event I know but certainly an ever present pain...

So THANK YOU and I will see you again I am sure. All the best to you, your staff and your family."  L.S. (patient)

"Susan, Thank you for much for the call and your advise. We appreciate you!." Spouse of patient March 9, 2020

"I learned more in the Aquatic Therapy about my abdominal muscles and started to feel them actually contract for the first time in decades. That other Aquatic Therapy (at ___ ________ _______) never even had the therapist get in the water with me. What a difference you are making. My sister immediately noticed I am standing up taller." Aquatic Therapy patient on the second visit

"It was a joy to come to your office. Everyone was so welcoming and so helpful. Thank you! [My therapist] helped me out greatly - and if I ever need therapy again I definitely would come back to you all." - T.B. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey  

"[The therapists] were wonderful: learned new moves, stretches & understanding of pain & more. Thank you!" - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

When asked, "Do you have any suggestions as to how we may improve our service?" response is "...continue to put the patient first..." as "All were amazing!" - L.G. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey  

"All the therapists that worked with me were very compassionate and understanding." - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"Thank you for all of your hard work, knowledge, compassion & professionalism - I can not begin to tell you all how much I appreciate your putting me back together!" F.C. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"Thanks for your help. Five Stars!" - B.B.  (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"All were courteous, professional, helpful and highly recommended." - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"The most outstanding professional and delightful human being. The therapist is an expert, caring and inspired me to do the exercises. Very kind and patient in expecting what is not perfect the first time. Five stars." - E. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"Physical Therapy here has finally provided me with light at the end of the tunnel." - N.C.

"Very considerate staff. Teaching was extraordinaire. I am able to do most therapy on my own at home now." - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"Well done. Everyone needs to be complimented as the office is well run." - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"I only needed to visit the facility once, but was happy with each person I came into contact with." - anonymous (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"All services were very outstanding." - B.R. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

When asked Is there anyone on our team whom you would like to compliment? "Everybody" "All 5 stars." - S.S. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"An absolutely wonderful, helpful young lady. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I was without pain-a first for a long time." - P.P. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"The therapist who did my therapy was above and beyond good. She was great!" - J.S. (patient) written Patient Satisfaction Survey

"5 Stars...I was very satisfied and was always treated well. From the person who answered the phone, the receptionist, the billing person - all were able to meet my needs, and provide me the information I needed. And my therapist was helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging." - N.E. (patient) online Patient Satisfaction Survey

"Thank you so MUCH for all you have done to ease my pain & keep me walking. Words are not enough to say how much your help & kindness means to me! You ARE THE BEST anywhere!" - E.S. (patient) thank you note

"Thank you, I appreciate you so much for the loving care you have given me. You can tell how much love you all have for your jobs by the attitudes you display. Words can't explain how I appreciate everything you have done for me. I never dreamed I would be so far along at this point in time. But with lots of prayers and with the loving and professional care from you wonderful people here at Southwest, I'm doing fantastic." - letter received from FA upon discharge

"Thank you for everyone's dedication. You gave me hope and I haven't felt this good in years. This practice is highly recommended to everyone I meet and I keep telling my doctor I am so thankful he told me to go here." - patient satisfaction survey

"I was treated like family...very comfortable & LOVE my PTs. [They] are awesome!" - TS (patient)

"There are no words to express the magnitude of my gratitude for your compassion & generosity. I thank God for you, believing that He orchestrated all the details & allowed me to benefit from your expertise & caring hearts..." - patient thank you note

"When the doctor asked me after surgery to go to another therapy practice, I asked, 'Why?'. My first total knee surgery was successfully treated with SW Therapy and I know there is no better orthopedic PT team in town. He thought I wanted to go 'next door' for [xxx therapy (competitor)] but my doctor has had excellent experience too with SW Therapy, and he knew your therapy practice telling me it is "worth the drive for superior results". Why would I chance my other total knee rehab with any one else? Whoever does is crazy. I am so glad to be here." - Patient phone contact (after initial evaluation to practice owner)

"[My therapist] helped my husband in just the one session with his pain relieved for over two days. What ever she did was a godsend. We know he has chronic pain but look at him. He is even walking more upright and standing without pain today. She's incredible." - AL (wife of patient)

"I thought I'd never again be able to move my thumb yet in just these two sessions I gained over 30 degrees. I'm amazed. I went to a Hand Surgeon and he said he was retiring so wouldn't take my case. But after he referred me to another hand doctor he told me 'Susan Stockdell is the only Certified Hand Therapist that you should see after your surgery' as no other therapist would be able to help me with my particular problem. When I went to the hand surgeon who did my surgery he also immediately recommended me to see Susan. They were both right. I am so thankful." - SJ (patient)

"When I refer for PT this is the only practice I can whole heartedly recommend..." - (physician) telephone contact

"After two visits at [xxx therapy (competitor)] I couldn't stand the 'McDonald's'-type service. I called my physician and he immediately referred me to Southwest Therapy Specialists. That (other) practice was not able to spend time explaining my injury and I questioned if they knew what they were doing or really cared. I wanted a place where I would receive instruction, by a therapist who was competent and enjoyed their job. Just because the therapy is next door to the doctor doesn't mean it is worth my money and time..." - JM (patient)

"I've told several people about this place. Each of them has heard from many people how great you are. If anyone needs therapy I tell them to only go here..." - RW (patient) upon discharge

"...Therapy practices come and go. What you offer is the personal touch that is often, sadly, not a part of other PT practices. Keep up the outstanding work..." - VT (physician)

"I am very, very, very satisfied with this facility and its team and highly recommend it to my friends and family." - DC (patient) Patient Satisfaction Survey

"My experience was superb. The therapist was wonderful and my fingers are working as new." - PB (patient)

"I was seen before at Southwest Therapy Specialists over a year ago, yet with this new doctor I was referred to [xxx Physical Therapy Sports Medicine & Aquatic Rehab (competitor)]. After only two visits I knew there was no comparison to the expertise here, so I called my doctor and told him I wanted to go only to this practice. I am writing to let others know, there is a difference and you do have a choice. Just let your doctor know and ask to be referred to Southwest Therapy Specialists." - BP (returning patient for Aquatic Therapy)

"Thank you for all your help." - LM (patient)

"The front desk staff was on top of all my needs." "To my hand therapist, I miss your smile and tenderness - you're amazing!" "I've been back to work. My scar looks amazing too." - DL (patient)

"My therapist was very gentle." "I highly recommend this physical therapy practice and have told my doctor it is the only one he should refer his patients too." - anonymous (patient satisfaction survey)

"When I think of excellence in case management, I think of Susan's practice." - CW (case manager)

"Why wasn't I referred here in the first place?!   You have taught me more in the first 30 minutes than I learned in the month I had at that place my employer sent me to...I now know what to do to manage my pain." - LW (patient)

"Thank you for all you do...I wouldn't change a thing!   Keep up the great work!' - JA (patient)

"When I told my therapist back in Chicago I was winter visiting in Arizona she told me to go to Susan's practice and no other would do!  She said you would be the best in carrying out my lymphoedema program.  And it's true!" - DB (patient)

"Your 'EARLY OUCH' [Program] impacted our bottom line in the first quarter by 24% with reduced severity of injuries...I'd recommend your ergonomic's Health Ergonomics, not just a furniture vendor trying to sell me their wares." - CH (patient)

"Wish our managers had consulted with you several years ago.   It's taken time but we now have upper management bought in to how to help the true bottom line...keep our workers productive, retain the best workers, fit the work to the worker, provide incentive for early reporting of symptoms, and prevent loss of time and duty...It's working!  Thank you!" - midmanagement team feedback

"Southwest Therapy's Aquatic Therapy program made my land therapy program accelerate and my swelling go down.  I walked on my vacation without a problem.  Your therapists are the best." - T.M. patient, Satisfaction Survey

"In a league by itself!  Other water therapy doesn't compare.  I couldn't possibly do this on my own, in my own pool.  The first thought every physician has should be to refer to Southwest Therapy Specialists when a patient is in front of them." - L.L. patient, Satisfaction Survey

"Invigorating.  I am able to move my hip and back under your instruction and not hurt.  You have taught me more of how my posture and way I move have made my pain worse than any other physical therapist in the past three years. I walked up the choir steps for the first time with grace." - E.H. patient, Satisfaction Survey

"This is the best kept secret in Maricopa County!" - G.M. patient, Gilbert, AZ