Southwest Therapy Specialists, P.C.

Satisfaction Survey Scorecard

RANKED in the Nation's top 3% for outcomes by FOTO:

Surveys are also utilized as part of the overall quality assurance methods and we participate in these Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO).

"FOTO is a web based patient assessment system that reports three primary functional status measures for" each "patient:


Initial Functional Status:

At admission, each patient completes an assessment(s) specific to the body part or impairment that needs treatment. From these responses the functional status measure score is calculated. This is a score between 0-100 that represents the patient's functional ability.

Predicted Goal Status:

FOTO uses 1O risk-adjustment factors to ensure that the predictions we make are reflective of the patient's characteristics. This is important both for accuracy and precision in national comparative and functional limitation reporting.

Discharge Functional Status:

Patients complete an assessment(s) as needed during care and on the last visit to track the improvement of function. That amount of change is then compared to risk-adjusted national predictions from FOTO, providing a measure of treatment effectiveness."


Southwest Therapy Specialists are ranked in the Top 3% Rank in the United States and Canada for Wrist/Hand Improvement per FOTO®:
Tell the referring physician to fax a referral prescription for treatment to Southwest Therapy Specialists to (602) 249-4115. If the doctor or PA-C tries to send the prescription to a competitor practice, ask the doctor, "What percent ranking is that clinic and therapist?" If the physician or PA-C does not know or the outcome is significantly less, request them to look up the rankings and ask "Why would you refer to any clinic that is ranked less?" Just because the physician's referral staff has "always referred there" doesn't make it right this time. After all, isn't the best care and best chance for improvement what is desired? Insist on the best. Let's do this, together!

Highest Ranking in the Nation by FOTO (R)