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We are an independent therapist-owned, therapy practice located in Phoenix, AZ and serving the Valley of the Sun. Our services include Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Certified Hand Therapy (CHT), Personal Fitness and Strength Training.


Highest Ranking in the United States and Canada out of over 22,628 clinicians and 4,776 clinics
(comparing 21.9 million patient assessments).

Top Ranking in the United States and Canada for per FOTO®:
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At Southwest Therapy Specialists, we're here to help you achieve your therapy goals. 

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 State of Arizona Office of Medical Facilities credentialing:
    Southwest Therapy Specialists is among the first independent Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy private practice to be site-surveyed with successful passing on the same-day of the initial inspection with no deficits. Efficiency, effectiveness and compassion!

Veterans Choice Program (VCP):
We honor and thank all the Veterans to whom we owe our freedom. As preferred providers for the Veteran's Choice Program, may we continue to serve each of you with honor. American Flags are offered to all who enter our facility: please share these with our community.

Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy:
No "weekly adjustments" or "for the rest of your life" appointments here! Our Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapists provide personalized hands-on treatment to teach proper, comfortable and effective movement and facilitate the body’s ability to heal.
Aquatic Therapy:
Ever shiver and get chilled in the pool? Experience fear of falling while walking? Then avoid muscle spasms and avoid any risk of falling while working out in Southwest Therapy Specialists' Aquatic Therapy pool. "...And the water is divine!" - (patient's first visit)

Certified Hand Therapy (CHT):
When seeking therapy, consider the credentials of your therapist. The Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) endorses the hand therapy program at SWTS. Our Certified Hand Therapist, Susan Stockdell, has been working in the valley for more than 30 years.

"It has only been two visits and my numbness is almost fully gone. The tingling is less too. Your Certified Hand Therapist taught me more in these sessions what I can do to help myself than the chiropractor did in the past two years."

- MC (patient)

"I thank God that you opened this place.You've gotten me to the point where the doctor can now do surgery to help me. I was so weak, and you gave me strength."

- RW (patient), upon discharge

"I am very, very, very satisfied with this facility and its team, and highly recommend it to my friends and family."

- DC (patient), Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Southwest Therapy Specialists
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